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At Beyond Accessibility, we believe in sharing ideas to help others.  We have a large collection of free resources.  All new resources will be free for the first week before becoming part of our paid collection.

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Contractors– Enhance the value of the work you do with clients.  Learn how to ask the right questions with clients of all ages and abilities and potential solutions to offer.

Home-owners– Solutions to improve life at home through changes to the environment to make daily tasks easier and safer.

Parents– Resources on common home modifications for children with a range of disabilities.

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All About “Shatterproof” Windows

A few weeks ago, we published a very popular post about home modifications for people on the Autism Spectrum.  Since then, one of the most common questions has been about "shatterproof" windows.  So, we did some research and summarized the key information for parents...

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Beyond Accessibility is a team of therapists who specialize in how people live in the home environment.
We are passionate about finding practical solutions to everyday problems at home that go beyond making environments accessible.
Our goal is to connect people with quality resources to improve how people live by implementing customized solutions to everyday problems at home.

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